What happens after I call?


How long will it take until I hear something about my loved one(s)?

You may be called back within an hour, but it may also take longer, depending on the extent of the incident and the number of people involved. Verwantencontact 088 269 00 00 works with information from hospitals and the police and this information is handled very carefully.

We aim to call you back within six hours. You will be informed immediately once the person you are looking for has been located. We understand that, in these situations, waiting always feels like a long time. Verwantencontact will also call you back if there is no information about your relative

Other people are also looking for the person I am looking for

The police are part of Verwantencontact 088 269 00 00 and they decide who will be called back about a victim. This decision is partly based on your relationship with the person you are looking for. If the police consider that you should be the emergency contact, you will be told where your relative is.

Other people who are also looking for that person will be called by Verwantencontact. They will only be told that an emergency contact has been informed. For privacy reasons, these other people will not be told your name or be given any other contact details. However, they will be informed of your relationship with the victim.

If you are not the contact relative, Verwantencontact will let you know that someone else has already been informed and what their relationship is with the person you are looking for. That person’s name or contact details will not be disclosed to you. Once a person has been designated as the contact relative, they will continue to be the contact relative.

I have found my loved one or have been in contact with my loved one

If you used Verwantencontact to help you find your loved one and you have found them yourself or had contact with them, please let Verwantencontact 088 269 00 00 know as well.

Who should I contact if I have any questions or comments after an incident has been closed?

Please call the relevant municipality or safety region where the incident took place.

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